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    Bashar Al-assad  , president of Syrian Arab Republic , issued law number/24/ year2006 which gives the right to monetary and credit  council to establish exchange institutions...  click more


    In the occasion of issuing the legislative decree no /78/ minister of finance declared the following more


    Printing and newspaper directorate  issued  two parts of the Syrian Arab Republic  official newspaper, for more information regarding  the directorate performance, participation and getting newspaper click more ...


    We would like to inform you about ministry new only web site is:

    In stead of: 

     So, at the beginning of April 2006 we will receive your e-mails addressed to the following



    According to provisions of legislative decree no/359/dated 4/10/2004, provisions of paragraph(B) of article/11/of legislative decree no/44/stipulated stamp- duty rules, minister decision no/1421/dated 7/6/2005, and by virtue of public interest…click more


    Minister of Finance Dr MOHAMMED AL HUSSEIN asserted the important role of parliament in indicating impotence, waste, and decay spots.   Besides, make mistaken bear responsibility of mistakes . Minister answered deliberations of parliament members…..more                 


    Under the patronage of minister of finance DR MOHAMMED AL HUSSIEN  opening the first conference of bank and Islamic financial  establishments more


    President BASHAR ALASSAD issued legislative decree number /76 / year 2006 stipulates amending rates of customs duties stated in tariff table issued in legislative decree number /235/ dated 2001 and its amendments more


    \r\nDamascus, Nov 14, (SANA) -
    \r\nA delegation of Turkish businessmen visiting Syria has expressed desire today to build projects in Syria due to what "she is enjoying of appropriate site for investment and what the government is offering of facilities."
    Minister of finance received the Chinese ambassadress on 20/4/2004
    On Wednesday morning 21/4/2004 and in attendance of the minister of finance the minute of the talks between delegation and Syrian side was signed
    Minister of finance received the Bulgarian ambassador in 26/4 and the meeting was about the Bulgarian delegation.
     Minister of finance  received the ambassador of Finland in Damascus
    Number of British and Irish experts will attend to Damascus in 29/4

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